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Discover the Lighthouses of Lake Superior

Point Iroquois Light Station

Discover the Lighthouses of Lake Superior Whitefish Point Light Station Crisp Point Lighthouse Point Iroquois Light Station 2 Day Trip Itinerary Two days is barely enough time to begin to explore everything M123 has to offer, but this maritime based trip itinerary helps you discover three of Lake Superior’s very special lighthouses. Learn firsthand how […]

Three Winter Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss

Three Winter Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss Tahquamenon Upper Falls Snowshoe Tahquamenon Trail Dog Sled Racing Winter Weather – 2 Day Trip Itinerary Winter arrives in Michigan’s Eastern Upper Peninsula and the forests and waterways that hug M123 take on an unparalleled quiet, beauty. Deep sparkling snow blankets the earth. The trees laden branches […]

Canoe & Kayak Trip Itinerary

Paddle Tahquamenon: 2 Day Trip Itinerary Pretty Lakes Quiet Area In this part of Michigan, most days the locals find some way to get out and enjoy the water. There is nothing quite like a quiet paddle to bring life into perspective. Canoe or Kayak, river or lake, an hour or a day …..there is […]

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